About us

  • Edgar Ferreira

    He is the founder and director of your team. Usually this is the person who started the corporation and website. Maybe it is worth to write why he has made such a decision and what has inspired him to create JuglaresNY Holding.
  • Oscar Zuluaga

    He is the director of the GEA project in Colombia and also manages his own foundation to help the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia Funpresed OPD
  • Carmen Escalante

    She is Master of the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Foggia, Italy in Theater and Audiovisual Arts. Performs theatrical montages, promotion of artists and international events and complements it by giving dramatic art classes. She is our Director and Public Relations officer in Europe based in Rome, Italy.JuglaresNY
  • Bibiana Moreno

    She is a social communicator and publicist in Medellin, Colombia. Performs and complements the tasks as assistant director and who makes decisions in his absence JuglaresNY
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